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Carmen Rueda
Psychology Student

HC Science & Society

For the Social Science Lab, we needed to make a short documentary about our current situation during the beginning of quarantine back in March. It is a film which I am very proud of as it encouraged me to go outdoors, into nature and really appreciate the world for what it is, while at the same time offering a contrast with my thoughts and questions about the pandemic. It captures some of the confusion and anxiety that students may have been feeling, while also being reflective. It also asks a lot of questions which I hope to see answered soon. When making this assignment I had the realization that right now, the whole world is going through the same thing. This is an incredible opportunity for everyone to gain empathy and understanding with one another, which will hopefully make the world a more kind, sustainable and supportive place. This is what I learned from making this documentary.

The Beginning

of Quarantine

A short documentary by Carmen Rueda
Flower Garland 5
Flower Garland 5
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