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This online magazine is filled with work made by Honours College students at Leiden University as part of their programmes. You will find essays, videos, podcasts, photo series and more, produced across tracks.

With this selection, we want to highlight and celebrate the hard work of all students of the Honours College. We hope that it inspires you, and gives you a better idea of the diverse range of themes that are discussed within our tracks - and all the different projects that students do.


Each assignment is prefaced by a short introduction of the student in question. They will tell you a bit about themselves, their assignment and the class they made it for. 

You can grab a cup of tea and read/listen/look at all of them, or you can scroll and skim to your heart’s content. Either way, we hope that this online look into the workings of the Honours College gives you a better idea of what it means to be an Honours College student at Leiden University!


Bram Hoonhout
HC Coordinator

Mathijs Krijgsman
HC Programme Assistant

Marjolijn van Raaij
HC Ambassador

About the Honours College

2019-05-17 Capstoon conference - 033 web


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Faculty Tracks:


  • Archaeology

  • Science & Society

  • Humanities Lab

  • Governance & Global Affairs

  • Bèta & Life Science*

  • Medicine*

  • Law*

* Access restricted to students from certain courses

The Honours College offers you an extra challenge in addition to your regular studies. 

You will follow small-scale classes with students from all disciplines, and teachers who are experts in their field!

Create a diverse study programme: you can do an internship, take a summer class abroad, carry out independent research and much more.

Each track offers unique opportunities, so there are many ways to tailor the programme to your interests!


You can find much more information about the Honours College on our website.

If you have questions about the Honours College, you can reach us at: 

(+31) 6 83154901 
(this number is not available to call)



This website was created using All audio and visual material in this magazine has either been provided by the student who made the respective assignment, by Wix, or sourced from Work taken from Unsplash falls under a free-to-use license. One image was sourced from and falls under a Creative Commons license. We are thankful to the photographers who made their work available:

Synesthesia: A Podcast
Climate Archaeology as a Tool to Combat the Climate Crisis

The Beginning of Quarantine: A Short Documentary

The Sounding City

Infographic: Digital Literacy

Het Feest

Implementing Palliative Care without Curative Care

''Too Late for Excuses'': Stromae's Music Through the Lens of Politics

Herstructureren boven Liquideren: Richtlijnen voor Bestuurders

Covid-19 as an Amplifier of Sexual Violence: What Can We Do?

Mapping Singapore's Fake New Legislation: A Dataset

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