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The sounding city

The sounding city

The sounding city

Elizaveta Klimova (Arts, Media & Society student)
HC Humanities Lab: The Sounding City

This assignment was created for the course The Sounding City. It involves recording sounds found in your immediate environment and your interpretation or transformation of those sounds into something that allows you to percept the city’s sounds in a new way. The result is a sonic experience. In my final sonic composition, I have transformed three sounds that I found most dominant in a city environment (construction sounds, cars, and machinery) and created a new sonic landscape that is ambiguous and puzzling. I wanted to take one on a journey into a new virtual sonic city through the sounds that are dense and dynamic. The course and the assignments have made me
more aware of the role sounds play within our lives

in the city: how it affects

our mood and changes

the ambiance. I have

become more critical of

different ways of

experiencing the world,

which is beyond visual.


You can listen to more sonic
compositions from this 
course here.


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