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Infographic: Digital Literacy

DL_poster_final2 - Amanda Chin.png

Sanne Akkersma, Marijn Borst, Amanda Chin, Ellemijn Galjaard, Stijn Hoevenaar & Indah Sparreboom
HC Humanities Lab

''This poster was made by the Digital Literacy group as part of Humanities Lab's Capstone project and depicts our analysis of universities' switch to digital environments following the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides a broad overview of the challenges and impact of remote learning on students and staff, and more specifically looks at the context of Leiden University. As I was responsible for putting together the information and designing the poster, I gained a broad prospective of the situation. Chiefly, I learned that despite online learning allowing for the continuation of classes, there are various social, ethical, and technological issues that hinder its effectiveness, and ultimately make it an inadequate replacement for face-to-face teaching – even in times of crisis.'' - Amanda Chin

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